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"It is safe to store all your passwords in an online password vault" True or false?

Hardly anyone can remember more than a handful of strong passwords. That is why we recommend using an online password vault.

  • A password vault keeps all your accounts and passwords secure. 
  • The password vault helps you create strong passwords. Simply state how many characters you want and which characters you want to use, and your password vault will suggest a completely random password.
  • The password vault itself should be secured using a strong password. That way, you only need to remember one strong password.  But is it safe?

It is safe to store all your passwords in an online password vault which you secure using one password?

Some password vaults can be opened with your fingerprint or using Two Factor Authentication.  We think that's a good choice.  But some password vaults are locked with just a strong password. Is that safe?

In theory, password vaults can be hacked and this has happened before.  However, as keeping passwords secure is so important for password vaults, they do everything they can to keep their product secure. The vulnerabilities of password vaults are constantly being tested and resolved.

All in all, we believe that using a password vault is more secure than remembering passwords yourself. It is currently the most secure option for storing your passwords.

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It is secure to store all your passwords in an online password vault. True!