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Browse safely: Tips to limit data sharing

With more than 3 million users affected in our country, Facebook's recent data breach calls for caution. This week, we give you some more tips to protect your account.

There has already been widespread communication about Facebook's data breach. Still, raising awareness remains important.

"As you know, Facebook collects the maximum amount of information about its users that it can. The company stores this information to serve us personalized ads or certain content from friends," explains Commissioner Olivier Bogaert.

While the well-known social networking site remains true to its terms of use, which we accepted when we created our account, some of the data it collects can be a source of concern. "The pages you've liked, the photos shared and your family ties tell more than you might think. Added to that, of course, is your intense activity on the social network or all the content you've liked, shared or commented on."

Stored data

You can see what information Facebook holds by going to the "Settings and Privacy" section, then "Settings" and then "Your Facebook Information". Under "Settings" you will find "Privacy" with different sections. Here you can change certain information that can be viewed and shared. "In addition, you must give a phone number to Facebook to activate two-step verification, which will increase the security of your profile and limit access to just you."


Source: Federal Police