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Use different passwords and store them in a password manager

Using the same password for different accounts is not a good idea. If cybercriminals manage to hack one account with a single password, they will try to use this password on your other accounts. Make sure to use long and multiple passwords for your important accounts, such as your email and social media profiles, combined with Two-Factor Authentication.

Remembering all those passwords is impossible!

Hardly anyone can remember more than a handful of strong passwords. Therefore, use a password manager. 

  • A password manager keeps all your accounts and passwords secure. 
  • The password manager itself should be secured using a strong password. That way, you only need to remember one strong password. 
  • The password manager helps you create strong passwords. Simply state how many characters you want and which characters you want to use, and your password vault will suggest a completely random password.

Some password managers

Most password managers provide a paid and a free version.  Both are equally secure.  The paid version gives you extra features or functionalities that are different for each password manager, such as 1 GB of storage, technical support, unlimited passwords, etc. 


Storing all of your passwords in one place, is that secure?

It is safe to store all your passwords in an online password vault" True or false?

How do you know whether your accounts have been hacked?

Do a test on https://haveibeenpwned.com/or https://scatteredsecrets.com/

If your email address has been hacked you must immediately change your password and enable 2FA.

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