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How is your digital health?

To find out if you have the right cybersecurity habits, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) kindly invites you to take a test to discover your Digital Health Index (a.k.a DHI) via https://campagne.safeonweb.be/en/test-your-digital-health.

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A quiz on your basic knowledge of digital security

The Safeonweb website allows you to take a self-assessment test and find out where your "health" stands in terms of cyber security. You need to answer 15 questions on 5 different topics.

  • Updates: 3 questions
  • Backups: 3 questions
  • Phishing: 3 questions
  • Anti-virus scans: 3 questions
  • Passwords: 3 questions

At the end of the test, the results are displayed as an overall percentage and percentages for each subject. This result also allows you to situate yourself in relation to the Belgian Digital Health Index (an average for Belgium). If you get insufficient results for certain topics, links are provided to the Safeonweb site where you can find many practical tips to thwart the most common threats.

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