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Forget your password!

The National Social Security Office (NSSO) encourages companies to log in securely to its portal, and that is not with a user name and password! Crazy? Not at all. There are safer ways to log in!

Discover the campaign of the NSSO

Do you also use a user name and password to log on to the social security portal? For your own cyber security: stop doing that!  It may seem quick and convenient, but... for the digital security of your company and your data, it is really not a good idea.

Your electronic identity card (eID) and the itsme app are the safest ways to register with the online services of the Belgian government. Your data are protected by two-step identification. To see them, you have to present your identity card and code - or, with itsme, identify yourself and then confirm with your smartphone that it is you. That hacker or identity thief will have to cheat you twice!

Read more at https://vergeetjewachtwoord.be/nl/.

Deactivate login with access codes for your company

If you really want to prevent access codes from circulating in your company, just remove the possibility. The company's Master Access Manager can deactivate this type of login. See below for how to do that (this video exists only in French, Dutch and German).

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