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False text message about COVID-19 contact follow-up is circulating

Beware of a fake text message that's been circulating. The message imitates the official contact follow-up procedure, but it is false. Don't click and delete is the message!

Contact tracing

The government employee may contact you in various ways. This could be done by:

  • telephone on 02/214.19.19
  • SMS via 8811

Only those phone numbers will be used to contact you. These are the only numbers which will be used.

More information about contact tracing can be found on the official website of the FPS Public Health.

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Want to know more about fake messages?

Cyber criminals misuse the news to make the internet user curious.  Always watch out for false messages or phishing. 

Recognize fake messages in time!

Suspicious e-mails can be forwarded to verdacht@safeonweb.be. Suspicious text messages can also be forwarded:

  • Select the text in the text message and copy it to an e-mail message.  Send this e-mail to suspicious@safeonweb.be. The content will then be processed automatically.
  • You can send us print screens via info@safeonweb.be.
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