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False e-mails circulating, impersonating Spa Grand Prix

Following a case of identity theft, fraudulent e-mails are currently circulating, apparently from Spa Grand Prix, with the aim of harvesting users' bank details.

The e-mail invites users to click on a link to obtain a €50 gift voucher. This is an attempt at phishing. Do not click on the link or share any information if the email seems suspicious.

Pay attention to the following:

  • The email address used is the correct Spa Grand Prix address. Be particularly suspicious when you receive e-mails from them.
  • The e-mail contains a link that redirects you to a fake website that looks exactly like the Spa Grand Prix website.
  • You are invited to share your bank details. Don't do it, it's phishing.
What can I do?
Did you click on a suspect link?
  • If you have clicked, leave the fields blank and cancel any interaction.
  • NEVER give out personal codes.
  • If you have provided a password that you use elsewhere, change it immediately.
Have you been swindled?
  • If you lose money or become the victim of extortion, we advise you to report it to the police. You can report it to the local police where you live. 
  • Contact your bank and/or Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have passed on banking information, if money is disappearing from your bank account or if you have transferred money to a fraudster. This way, any fraudulent transactions can be blocked.
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