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Son or daughter asks for money via WhatsApp? Beware of WhatsApp fraud!

This form of online fraud is not new, but we have received more reports in recent days. In WhatApp fraud, the fraudsters pretend to be someone the victim knows, often a son or daughter.

First the scammer tries to make you believe that you are talking to a child, a parent or a close friend who is in trouble:

"Hi mum, here is my new mobile phone number. You can get rid of the old one. I can't call though, my microphone and sound are broken due to water damage."

Then the scammer tries to convince you to make some quick payments:

"I have a problem that I am very ashamed of. Can this stay between us? Because of the new number I can't use my bank app and I need to pay 3 bills very quickly. Could you help me? Tomorrow I will refund everything".

Then the scammer sends the necessary bank details or even a link with which you can make a payment. 

What can you do?

Never pay based on a question you received via WhatsApp. Try to speak to your son, daughter or friend first or reach them via another channel (landline, e-mail, the 'old' mobile phone number). Then it will soon be clear that the question does not come from your loved one.

Have you already paid?

  • Contact your bank and Cardstop as soon as possible.
  • File a complaint with the local police.

The recent examples we received are all in Dutch.

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