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Beware of new ransomware virus Anatova

Beware of new ransomware virus Anatova

A new, dangerous ransomware virus 'Anatova' is threatening Belgian computers. Ransomware is a virus that is installed on your device without your permission. Your computer can get infected when you click on a link or open an attachment from a fake message. The ransomware virus holds your device and files ransom and demands that money is paid to set it free. In some cases, this also means that you no longer have access to other devices, such as hard drives, USB drives or your online files.

It’s always better to prevent this kind of incident

Anatova pretends to be a computer game or an application and tries to trick people into downloading it.

Do not click on the links or images in fake messages and do not open any attachments. You can learn to identify fake messages here. Only download software on reliable websites and be extra careful with private P2P.

What if you do fall victim?

All information can be found on our page "Help! "My device has been taken over”