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Coronavirus or the Oscars: current affairs are a trap!

Hackers always show a lot of ingenuity. Cybercriminals take advantage of current events to attract attention and encourage us to take certain actions. Watch out! 

The Kaspersky security lab warned us in a report that illustrated hackers' ingenuity. Hackers used download or streaming sites to bait internet users, partly due to their interest in Oscar-nominated films. "Interested visitors had to provide very detailed personal information when creating a profile. They could also be asked to download a small software program to allow the platform to run or respond to an opinion poll to determine their preferences," explains Chief of Police Olivier Bogaert. 

It was not just about collecting data. Kaspersky also showed that more than 900 malicious files were circulating and could possibly be installed. 

The virus and mp4 files 

Hackers are also taking advantage of the concerns surrounding coronavirus. Their method: an e-mail from what claims to be a health protection authority, informing you that there is a possible risk for you. "A Word document is attached to the e-mail. When you open it, you install malware called Emotet. This malware will be able to collect your personal data. This means you can become a target of an attack with a cryptovirus," said the Chief of Police of the Federal Computer Crime Unit. The method has affected Japan, but there is a risk that it will soon also appear in Europe. 

Beware, because e-mails are not the only target of the hackers! They are also turning their eyes more and more to mp4 files. “Via your social media profile or your messaging system you will receive a link that, for example, draws attention to a discovery about the coronavirus. When you watch the video, you also start the installation of the malware." 

We can never repeat it enough: think before you click! 

Source: https://www.politie.be/5998/nl/nieuws/coronavirus-of-uitreiking-van-de-oscars-de-actualiteit-als-valstrik