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Beware of phishing via pop-ups

In recent weeks we have noticed many phishing attempts via pop-ups. A pop-up is one of those little windows that pop up when you go to certain websites.  They will show a competition: you can win a smartphone or a trip. All you have to do is fill out your data or take a short survey.  The scammers abuse the name of well-known companies such as Telenet, Base or Proximus. Don’t take part! Don't fill in your details, and close the pop-up.

Are you tired of seeing these annoying pop-ups appear?

  • Block pop-ups in your browser. 
  • You can download an extension for your browser for extra security (Add-on)
  • Install a browser on your smartphone that is explicitly designed to block pop-ups such as https://adblockbrowser.org/. There are also other apps such as AdGuard and AdBlock.
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