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Is your company also cyber-secure?

Federal Public Service Economy launches the cyber security scan and provides tips for SMEs

More than half of Belgian companies were victims of cybercrime last year. This often has major consequences and can result in serious losses, especially for SMEs and self-employed persons.

Cybercrime can cause major problems for a business

An investigation by PwC reveals that 53% of Belgian companies had to deal with cybercrime last year. Such cyberattacks cause a lot of damage:

  • the company’s image is tarnished;
  • customers lose trust;
  • valuable information is stolen;
  • specific sites are no longer accessible; and
  • penalties may be imposed because of the loss of personal data.

A good security strategy against cyber incidents is therefore necessary for companies wishing to protect themselves, and it also provides opportunities to gain consumers’ trust. Nevertheless, it seems that many SMEs and self-employed persons do not have a cybersecurity plan.

Do the cyber security scan NOW!