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Cybersimpel.be warns for malware via Facebook Messenger

Cybersimpel.be warns for malware (malicious software) via Facebook Messenger. The virus is spread through a false message which has supposedly come from a friend. It looks like that friend is sending you a message with your name, followed by two emoticons of surprised faces and a link to YouTube.  

What should I do? 

If you receive a message like this, do not click the link! It goes to a fake YouTube page that is looking for your login data and asks you to install a plug-in to watch the video. This plug-in is malware which will spread in Chrome browsers. 

Delete the message immediately and inform the so-called sender that false messages are being sent in their name. In addition, keep your antivirus system up-to-date and install two-step verification to give your Facebook account double protection. 

Help, I clicked… 

You clicked the link? Open your browser and check whether a plug-in was recently installed that you don't know. If so, remove this program immediately. 

Also check in Facebook whether a plug-in you don't know was installed: go to Settings > Apps and websites to remove the unwanted plug-in. 

Immediately change your Facebook password (via Settings > Security and login) and for all accounts for which you use the same password. To protect your accounts, it is best you use a different, strong password for every account. 

And finally, check whether you have not logged on to unknown devices. If you see devices you don't know under Security and login, click the three vertical dots and choose Log off. 

Source: cybersimpel.be 

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