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Beware of fake messages sent on behalf of the federal government

The my.belgium.be logo and name are being misused

Currently, a fake message is going around which appears to come from my.belgium.be.

Don’t be fooled, because it is a fake.

How can you recognise this message?

  • The.be logo is incorrect, i.e. it’s distorted.
  • You are addressed with ‘Dear’, followed by ‘your e-mail address’. The government does not do that.
  • It can happen that you receive the message in French, while you are a Dutch speaker. The government does not do that either.
  • The link used is mybelgium-be.ventapp.com, and this is certainly not a my.belgium.be domain.
What must you do if you receive such a message?
  • Please read it carefully and if you think it is suspicious, forward it to suspicious@safeonweb.be.
  • Under no circumstances must you click the link or the little window.
  • Delete the message.
Belgium SCAM
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