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F. lost control of her email and Facebook account and is now sharing her story to warn others.  Because someone with bad intentions who gets hold of your passwords can cause a lot of harm.

F. wrote down her passwords on a piece of paper that she kept at her home. "That's how I thought I'd play it safe: if I forgot one of my passwords, I'd take a quick look at my notes."

Her passwords ended up in the wrong hands. A person with malicious intentions was able to access her email, Facebook profile, her web shop accounts, printer, Wi-Fi network, etc... "I thought I kept the piece of paper with my passwords safe, but a person I trusted saw it and seriously exploited it."

The malicious person ordered packages and had them delivered to her address, sent emails to lawyers in her name and changed her Facebook profile. And it went from bad to worse.  F. no longer had access to her email box or her Facebook page, nor could she get them back.

"I have nothing to hide but a person with malicious intentions gaining access to your accounts...you really don't want to go through that. I hope my experience will serve as a warning to others"

Be safe and enable two-step verification (2FA) on all your accounts.

Use a password manager to store your passwords easily and safely.