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Safe Surfing: depart with peace of mind on holiday

Now that the holidays are upon us, Commissioner Olivier Bogaert would like to give you some tips on how to browse safely.

Do you already know what you will take with you on holiday? If you decide to take your computer, make sure that your system and your antivirus program are up to date and that the suggested patches have been installed. Make sure you back up your files to protect yourself in case of accident or theft, as previously discussed (https://www.politie.be/5998/nl/nieuws/veilig-surfen-de-cloud-alleen-volstaat-niet). "We also recommend that you create a folder that you can encrypt and to store sensitive data, such as a list of all your passwords," explains Commissioner Bogaert of the Federal Computer Crime Unit.

Some tips

When you are at your holiday destination, you should definitely avoid logging into unsecured Wi-Fi networks. If this service is offered in your hotel, holiday club or campsite, ask for a username and password. Even if you have to pay for this service, it’s worth the trouble. A secure network is always better, as hackers are everywhere. "Some hackers will even install access points near holiday resorts to obtain the data that is being exchanged," says Olivier Bogaert.

If you choose a Wi-Fi access point, clear your Internet browser’s cache after each use via the settings. Also avoid checking your bank accounts from this access point or mentioning your departure and arrival dates on social media. "Moreover, don't use apps that help you plan your trip. They will record your localization data and can, in addition to the information you have published, inform potential burglars of your location. For the same reasons, we recommend that you disable geolocation on your communication devices."

Make your children aware of this as well, as they are often happy to share this information.

Source: https://www.politie.be/5998/nl/nieuws/veilig-surfen-vertrek-met-een-gerust-hart-op-vakantie